Thursday, 24 January 2013

God Who Wastes Nothing

God Who Wastes Nothing
(Based on Isaiah 61:3)

that's how I'd describe it,
the mosaic made of recycled debris.
Jagged edges refract the light across
the texture of corrosion,
rich colours redeemed from junkmail.

A less green God would have thrown away
(not fashioned loveliness out of!)
accidents  -  broken glass,
and ignoble bottle tops.

I didn't recognize you,
down on the landfill.
God looks different in the dark.
But there you were all the time
picking over rubbish to give meaning to in art.

Ah, so it was you who winced when you picked up
each shard and held it to your heart

and loved each fragment into the whole.

Let me stand back, take it in.

that's how I'd describe it.
Beautiful even.

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